No hard feelings! Chrissy Metz has split with Bradley Collins, her boyfriend of three years, but a source reveals the breakup was perfectly amicable. “They still like each other a lot and Chrissy has nothing but nice things to say about Bradley.”

The This Is Us star, 43, met Bradley on dating app Bumble in 2020, and while they went on to collaborate on children’s books and an album, “somewhere along the way, the romantic part of their relationship took a backseat to their projects,” says the source. “All they talked about was work. Sometimes things run their course, and this seems to be the case here. Nothing dramatic happened; they just decided it was better to be friends.”

But Chrissy has no plans to dwell on what went wrong, adds the source. “She’s looking for a soulmate and plans to get back on the dating scene soon.”