Can someone call the police and report a crime? Chrissy Teigen just killed us with photos of her adorable kids in the bath, and we’re pretty sure that’s some kind of illegal. Like, we’re legit dead — and it’s all Chrissy’s fault. Her little ones are just so cute that it’s dangerous. And judging by her photo caption, “*heart explodes*,” she knows exactly what we mean. 

We’ve seen photos of adorable celebrity kids before, but these pics take the cake. In one, Miles and Luna Stephens are cuddled up in the bath together — and by in the bath we mean they’re in a sink. And in the other, Luna’s continuing her rub-a-dub in the tub while Miles is having a soak of his own in what the Cravings author has dubbed a “baby bucket.” 

The now-experienced mom and social media expert knew she needed to head off mom-shaming before it even started when she posted the pics, though. “Heads up, if you have some weird issue with this, you’re weird,” she captioned the photo of her two babies in the bath together. People will seriously find any reason to criticze a mom on Instagram, so we think that was a pretty smart and strategic move. But seriously, guys? Luna’s only two years old, and Miles is only a few months old, so this really couldn’t be any more innocent than it is. 

Heeding her warning, it seems like fans had mostly compliments to share. They responded with stories of giving their own kids a bath — in sink or otherwise — and how Chrissy should be able to make whatever parenting decisions she wants. But they also just pointed out all the cutest parts of the pic. “Luna is so protective,” wrote one fan. “Look at her precious baby hands holding her brother.” Another just got right to the heart of the matter. “Why do [you] and John make perfect babies?”

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On the second pic, they couldn’t help but notice something else — how much Luna was starting to look like her mom while Miles is his dad’s tiny twin. “Baby John and Toddler Chrissy lol,” a fan commented. “It looks like you shrunk John and just popped him in a bowl,” added another. “John copied and pasted himself,” joked a third. “Miles looks just like him.”

Even Chrissy’s celeb friends got in on the love fest. “Melting with love!!!!” Khloé Kardashian wrote on one of the pics, commenting on the other, “Frame this now!!! Is it weird if I do in my house?” Karlie Kloss added, “This is everything,” while Ayesha Curry responded, “Omgggg,” with about a dozen hearteye emojis. Even Hailey Baldwin, who’s rumored to be expecting a child herself, piped up. She took a page out of Chrissy’s book and wrote, “My heart just exploded.” Hey, if we’ve been murdered by the cuteness of the Stephens kids, at least we’re in good company.