You'll need a baby if you want a body like Coco Austin's! In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Ice-T's gorgeous wife opened up about her diet and exercise regimen — and she gives their two-year-old daughter, Chanel Nicole, a lot of credit for her enviable figure.

"I call Chanel my human liposuction! I was a lot bigger, then when I got pregnant with her she sucked the fat out of me. I was like, 'What the heck? I need to be pregnant my whole life!' Then when I had her, that's when the weight came back on. It easily came on faster — but now that I'm a mom I don't [worry] so much about being in shape," the [Ice Loves Coco]( alum shared.

"It's weird because you change. Your mentality changes so much and you think, 'I don't need it as much. I'm a mother. I don't need to have zero percent fat.' I'm more about being relaxed and comfortable, and for the holidays, you gotta just eat. You shouldn't be on a diet or counting calories — you're just not a happy person. I love food. After the holidays just start slow. When I turned 30 years old, I never did cardio in my life, and started to need it and once I did I started losing more fat. I had to hit the treadmill a little more — but it's a must -have after you hit 30. Even if you just walk around the block."

Life & Style caught up with the blonde beauty on Monday night at the Long Island Bulldog Rescue and Beth Stern & Friends' Bash for the Bulldogs in NYC at the Rosenthal Pavilion at the NYU Kimmel Center. "I felt the need to use my name to bring the awareness, because people don't realize that when you hear 'Long Island,' it's not just Long Island," Coco said of her involvement with the organization.

"It's all of the East Coast, and people also don't realize that bulldogs are very high maintenance — very lovable, but very high maintenance — and people will take one in and can't take over that high maintenance, so there's a lot of them that need help and since I owned two — one recently past — they're such lovers in the family. If I love them so much, I think they'll love them so much."

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