LOL! Cole Sprouse is sick of the Photoshop accusations and wants fans to know he’s au naturel. The Riverdale actor hilariously shared a slew of ~unedited~ photos of himself to prove that his protruding jawline, slim nose and Anime character-sized eyes are 100 percent his. He is known for posting Grade A content on his Instagram, but this latest post takes the cake.

“I’m honestly pretty tired of people saying I ‘edit’ my photos. Like. Sure, everybody edits their photos a little bit, this is Instagram we’re talking about here,” the 27-year-old began a lengthy caption on August 19. “To suggest I’m changing the shape of my face or eye color is silly and quite frankly — damaging to my brand. Who even has the time for that???”

Cole Sprouse with edited photo
Shutterstock/Cole Sprouse Instagram

Hmmm … we’re just not seeing how anyone could accuse the actor of altering his pictures? To those trying to damage Cole’s brand, please see your way out. He continued, “To prove you guys wrong I’ve decided to include some pictures of myself near my friends and family … If you work hard, eat right, and brush your teeth, you can glow like me to. I even looked like this as a baby so back off! Don’t hate on someone else just because your [sic] jealous … Also follow my TikTok if you want to see just how ‘fake’ I am, SMH.”

Dylan and Cole Sprouse edited
Courtesy of Cole Sprouse Instagram

Of course, people loved the former Disney kid’s post poking fun at influencers. His fellow CW costars also quickly jumped in on the joke. Lili Reinhart gushed, “So proud of you!!” while Skeet Ulrich echoed, “I love your honesty.” Vanessa Morgan was clearly shooketh and wrote, “Lmao wtf is this.” Mädchen Amick admired Cole’s bold reveal and commented, “Takes a lot of courage to show your true self. You’re so brave.”

We’ll consider the case of Cole’s edited photos an open and shut case.