While Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph aren’t rushing to tie the knot, the 27-year-old former Bachelor confessed that he pays very close attention to her Pinterest board, so the day he decides to propose can be everything she ever wanted. Take notes, gentlemen!

“I’ve creeped on her Pinterest boards, so I already have an idea,” he told Life & Style and other outlets during the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards on Sunday, November 10. Colton even admitted that his 24-year-old girlfriend, whom he chose as the winner on The Bachelor, makes it easy for him to figure out what she wants. “You’re not too subtle!” he told her. “We talk about it, if you have a Pinterest you know!”

In addition, Colton also revealed how he will pop the question — well, sort of. “I feel like so much of my life and our relationship has been planned that I would almost probably want to have the ring and just be spontaneous with it,” he said, which caught Cassie by surprise.

Colton Underwood Looks at Cassie Randolph Pinterest Proposal Ideas

Speaking of the rock, the blonde beauty already has an idea of what she hopes to get. “Oh I know what I want my ring to look like for sure,” she divulged. However, she hasn’t given much thought into how she’d want Colton to pop the question. “Something cute, and a good story but nothing too crazy,” she added. Not bad at all!

The couple may not know how and when they plan to get engaged, but they do know how many kids they want to have someday. “Right now, we’re between two and three, [and] we’re playing with the three and four,” Colton exclusively told Life & Style during MorningStar Farms’ Lose Your Veginity event in August. “I think she wants more than me!”

We’re sure the duo would make great parents, besides, they share the same kind of outlook in life, which helps strengthen their bond. “Our values and our morals and who we are as people really align and really go well with each other,” he added. “I’m very, very excited about our future.” We can’t wait to see where life takes these two!