Twin sisters Darcey Silva and Stacey Silva tell Life & Style exclusively ahead of Darcey and Stacey: The Twins‘ second tell-all on March 7 that there’s “no shame in our game” when it comes to their plastic surgery and open up about if they’ll have any more work done.

Darcey, 47, says that they “haven’t done anything recent other than the Turkey transformations,” which they did as part of a spiritual plastic surgery vacation the two went on.

However, she adds that they still “do the threads, like the fox, and those dissolve after a while.”

“So, probably, we’ll continue doing that and [our] exercise routine,” she says. “So, we don’t have to keep getting more lipo.”

Stacey, 47, adds that the two of them “definitely diet and exercise,” before adding that “we’re busy, and it’s just, like, we’re tired in our 40s.”

“We definitely really want to start putting more exercise in our routine,” she says. “But yeah, we definitely love our Botox and our noninvasive treatments lasers and stuff like that. But you know, 47. It’s no shame in our game. It’s like maintenance at this point.”

90 day fiance darcey stacey

After Darcey split from her former fiancé Georgi Rusev, Stacey previously told Life & Style that the breakup “does kind of put [her and husband, Florian Sukaj] in a weird place because we really hoping to do a twin wedding.”

However, Stacey feels that “there’s plenty of time” for a joint wedding, before adding that “we haven’t decided yet what we’re going to do, but time will tell.”

Despite her and Florian’s “drama from season 1,” the pair “like to live in the present” and “let the past go,” Stacey added.

Meanwhile, Darcey said that after her split, she would “absolutely” be open to being cast on a dating show similar to The Bachelorette.

“Oh, I would love that,” Darcey said, before revealing she would like to work with “the right” dating coach who could be “someone that I could connect with” before finding her Mr. Right.

In thinking about the right partner for her sister, Stacey said that Darcey’s ideal boyfriend should be “a family man” who is “loving, giving; somebody that’s successful, good looking. It’s a package.”