It seems Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick might be ready to move on from her fiancé, Vinny Tortorella. That is, if the rumors of her sliding into married NFL player Nick Bawden’s Instagram DMs after his New York Jets lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday, September 24, are true. 

Did Angelina Pivarnick DM Nick Bawden?

After the Jets’ loss, the fullback’s wife, Alexis Bawden, took to TikTok to share an alleged DM from the Staten Island native to her husband. 

“Guys, I have tea and it’s piping hot. If you’re a Jersey Shore fan, keep watching. So my husband plays for the Jets. I was there tonight. I have his name on my … I had his number here, I had his name up here,” Alexis began, describing her fit for the football game. “So I’m on the field to say hi to my husband before he plays and I see Snooki walk by. I was like, ‘Holy s–t, that’s Snooki.’ I don’t know anyone else that was there, OK? I never watched Jersey Shore, I just don’t care about Jersey Shore.”

According to Alexis, Angelina – whom she backhandedly refers to as Angela – allegedly looked at Alexis’ outfit before proceeding to DM Nick, saying, “See u soon.”

“I looked just so cute. I see her see me,” Alexis continued. “I don’t know, 10 minutes after this chick is eyeing me on the field, [my husband gets a DM]. It’s her. It’s the girl from Jersey Shore,” she added, before showing a screenshot of the alleged message and calling Angelina a “weirdo.”

What Did Angelina Pivarnick Say About the Nick Bawden Rumors? 

Hours after Nick’s wife took to TikTok to accuse the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star of direct messaging her husband in a now-viral clip, Angelina denied even being “on the field.”

“The s–t that’s being told about me sliding into a married man’s IG has gotten out of control,” Ang wrote via her Instagram Story on September 25. “His wife is clearly a clout chaser and I only spoke to players I knew and in a friendly way. Not a married man lolll. She is clearly a [clown] and reaching for anything because I did write to her and said no way and she claims I was on the field looking at her lol.”

 Jersey Shore’s Angelina Denies Sliding into Married NFL Player’s DMs
Courtesy of Angelina Pivarnick/Instagram

The reality star continued, “ I wasn’t even on the field. I got there right at kick off. I think she’s making all of this up and there are apps to make fake igs and add verified checks to the pics and photoshop. I know she’s reaching. She needs to stop trying to slander me and stop being a liar. I am not into married men and would never write that s–t.”

Angelina went on to threaten Alexis, saying that “if she doesn’t stop,” her lawyer will be sending a cease and desist letter. “What a joke,” she concluded.

Ang also allegedly reached out to Alexis directly – which the NFL spouse discussed in a follow-up video – saying, “We need to chat,” before calling Alexis “childish.”

“We all came in support of your husband’s team and his teammates when I wrote see you soon,” the alleged message read. “I meant it in a nice mature way I’m a engage woman I never in 1 million years try to f–king get with your husband so take the f–king TikTok down because you look like a f–king idiot right now I came late I never saw you on the field so I don’t even know what the f–k you’re talking about.”