Say it ain’t so! TikTok couple Jesse Rutherford and girlfriend Devon Lee Carlson sparked split rumors after seven years of dating. Keep reading to for all of the details on the breakup speculation. 

Fans questioned the relationship status of the social media stars after eagle-eyed followers noticed Devon, 27, deleted “Jesse’s girlfriend” from her TikTok bio, which now reads, “No bio yet.” As for The Neighbourhood musician, 30, he deleted all of his posts from Instagram and is not following anyone on the platform. 

She also took down posts on her feed of her and the “Sweater Weather” artist together at the Hollywood Bowl and some videos of him performing.

Did Jesse Rutherford and Girlfriend Devon Lee Carlson Split?
Devon Lee Carson/Instagram

However, some users claimed questions about the couple began even earlier. “I’ve been speculating this ever since Halloween when they didn’t dress up together,” one commenter wrote on a TikTok video wondering who would get custody of Devon and Jesse’s dog, Marty.

Needless to say, fans were upset about the speculation. “Just found out Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson broke up. This hurts worse than my own parents’ divorce,” one tweet read about the situation. “I’m taking Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Rutherford’s breakup kinda hard,” someone else added, while someone else wrote, “Please stop before I cry.”

The California natives met at their local mall when they were teenagers. They briefly split but reconnected in 2015 and have been inseparable ever since. They were deemed “2019’s most 2019 couple” by GQ thanks to their impressive social media followings and fashion-forward wardrobe.

“We love clothes so much, it totally makes sense that we met at the mall,” Devon gushed to the outlet about her meet-cute with Jesse. At the time, the couple noted they purposely coordinate their outfits, making them a picture-perfect pair. 

“Wherever we are, we want to make sure we look like we came together,” Devon added. 

At the time, GQ reported that the stylish duo was living in an apartment together in Los Angeles. However, some social media fans claimed they recently bought a home together. 

The internet couple has been steadily rising to fame over the years. In 2021, Devon released a collection with Marc Jacobs and worked on collaborations with Frankie’s Bikinis for Wildflower and a hat line for Lack of Color. 

“I feel like everything I wear right now is just my dream middle school and high school wardrobe that I feel like I didn’t have the confidence or the body to wear,” the influencer explained to V Magazine. “I mean, I did at that time, too, but I felt like a kid still. I feel like now it’s more appropriate for me to be wearing really tiny dresses and whatever, making my young self proud.”