The power of makeup is undeniable. And while most people like to focus on perfect contours and amazing eyeshadows, some makeup artists like Lexus Marie and Mimi Choi choose to show off their beauty prowess with totally freaky looks! Their unique perspectives have gained notoriety in the beauty community, and we seriously can’t help but stare. Watch the video below to see more crazy creations!

Needless to say, people on Twitter totally freaked out over Lexus’ distorted look. “Congrats your makeup is so good i showed my brothers and they said ‘nah that’s photoshopped,’” one fan wrote, while another added, “This scares me in a good way. It’s beautiful but I’m gonna have nightmares.” In response, Lexus shared her appreciation with fans. “Thank you for all the love,” she said in a tweet, “was low-key feeling hopeless about my makeup lately and have been so uninspired and this just made me so happy!”

After all the attention, the beauty influencer revealed that she would be creating a YouTube video on how she achieved the look. While we don’t think we have the skill to pull off this crazy complex face, we truly can’t wait to see the transformation in its entirety!