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How to Photoshop Your Selfies So It Looks Like You Too Can Contour Like Kim K.

Here's the thing: I can be kind of lazy when it comes to putting on makeup at all, forget studying a 12-minute long smoky eye tutorial or Kim Kardashian's contour routine. I know how to do, like, one basic makeup look and I have two different eyeshadow color palettes to do it in — and even then I still mainly stick with the pink/brown/peachy neutrals instead of the sparkly gold. Last year, I got a bunch of makeup brushes from my mom for Christmas, determined to learn how to be a certified hot girl. When I finally got around to trying to use them on Halloweekeend, I felt, uh, pretty dumb — so I wiped what I could off before going back to those tiny little eyeshadow sponge-on-a-sticks that come with some palettes.

One thing I am good at, though, is Photoshop. And like, I said, I do want to be a certified hot girl. Not that I'm not already, but hey — contouring like Kim K and the rest of the Kardashians is a look that really, really works for them. So I figured I'd give it a shot in the way that I know best. I set out to follow Keek's contour tutorial — this one, the crème highlight and contour kit tutorial video from her website — and recreate the effects myself in Photoshop. You know, so I could fake the whole look without having to do any real work. (Like I said, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to putting on makeup.) And, well, I just have to say the results turned out pretty awe-inspiring. *So if you, like me, are eager to ratchet your selfies up a notch without having to acquire any actual new skills, check it out. *