When Anne Ziegenhorn began experiencing unusual weight gain, vision loss and sores all over her body, doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her — until specialist Dr. Susan Kolb took a look at her breast implants!

Kolb found mold growing on Ziegenhorn’s silicone implants two years after her upsetting symptoms began.

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While it remains unclear how so much mold developed, Kolb has found that in similar cases, it’s due to defective valves within the implants.

moldy breast implants

“My experience in doing this for thirty years is that eventually everybody will become ill from their breast implants, unless they die sooner from something else,” she tells WHAM 13. The FDA states that 20 percent of women replace theirs every eight to 10 years.

Since the nasty discovery, Ziegenhorn has created The Implant Truth Survivors Committee (otherwise known as TITS) to educate women on the dangers of breast implants.

Learn more in the video below: