It’s all her! Sofia Richie responded to a fan who accused her of photoshopping her latest Instagram photo and assured everyone that she apparently doesn’t need Facetune. She’s been on an epic Kylie Skin themed girls trip with Kylie Jenner, and the whole crew — including Victoria VillarroelYris Palmer and Stassi Karanikolaou — have been posting a plethora of super sexy bikini pics. Sofia is never shy when it comes to slipping into a swimsuit and she is the new face of Frankies bikinis, so it comes as no surprise that she’s been flaunting her body a lot lately.

“Salty and sweet,” the 20-year-old captioned a gorgeous photo captured by Amber Asaly on July 15. The snap shows Sofia standing on a staircase outside while wearing a leopard print bikini. The downward angle of the snap makes her slim frame look even curvier and her body is absolutely insane. Although she looked like perfection, some followers started to pick apart the photo.

Sofia Richie Instagram Comments Photoshopping
Courtesy of Sofia Richie Instagram

“The curve of the wall sis,” one person commented, referencing a patch of wall near her hip. “We were all rooting for you to not Facetune like the rest of them!” The girlfriend of Scott Disick quickly snapped back, “Thanks boo! But that is an archway.”

Many others rallied in her defense. “Girl, we all know your body looks exactly the same in paparazzi candids you don’t need photoshop,” a separate user assured. Someone else added, “You are legit a goddess from any angle.” Another person wrote, “Y’all be putting toooooo much thought into these pictures looking for curves in the arms and legs for photoshop. Y’all have too much time!! Just like the picture or keep scrolling.”

Sofia, Kylie and all the other girls on the trip have been posting premium content from their little getaway. They’ve been lounging on the beach in bikinis, wearing matching outfits and are seemingly having the time of their lives.

Hopefully, Kylie makes this girls trip an annual thing because our feed needs it!