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Tom Cruise’s Estranged Daughter Suri Cruise Has Moved on to “a Life Without Daddy” (EXCLUSIVE)

From the moment she was born, Suri Cruise’s every move has been in the spotlight. At the time, she was celebrated as the child of a beloved Hollywood couple. But as she’s grown up, the focus has been more on her relationship — or lack thereof — with her estranged father, Tom Cruise. But with all the drama surrounding Tom’s highly-publicized divorce from the 12-year-old’s mother, Katie Holmes, fans are often left asking: Does Tom see Suri? Keep reading to learn everything we know about the situation when it comes to Tom and his youngest child.

Does Tom see Suri?

In short, the answer is no; it’s been more than four years since the actor, 55, was last seen publicly with Suri. The last time they were photographed together was in September 2013, just slightly more than a year after Tom and Katie finalized their divorce. And after all this time, Suri has gotten used to life without Tom. “Tom’s been out of their lives for so long, she and Katie have moved on,” an insider exclusively told Life & Style, “to a life without Daddy.”

It would appear that they don’t see each other privately, either, as last June, sources told In Touch that Tom opted not to see his daughter despite being just 23 miles away from her on Father’s Day. “Tom could have easily made the trip to see Suri. It only takes about 30 minutes without traffic,” a source said at the time. “It would’ve only added a few hours to his busy schedule.”

Tom used to go out of his way to see his daughter, though. “When she was eight or nine, Suri must have always thought that Tom would show up with presents and take her out for a shopping spree or to an amusement park on her birthday, like he used to,” an insider shared with Life & Style.

Scientology may play a role in their estrangement.

There’s no clear answer on why Tom doesn’t see his kid — but it would appear that his role as an active member of Scientology impacts his decision. An insider previously told In Touch that Tom has kept a distance from his daughter because Katie was labeled a “suppressive person” — aka an “SP” — after leaving the church of Scientology. The term describes someone who stands in the way of spiritual progress (and is often used to define someone who left the religion). “Suri hasn’t been labeled a ‘supressive person,’ but Katie has,” an insider said at the time. “And her closeness to her daughter likely makes seeing both off-limits to Tom.”Suri basically doesn’t know life any other way.

At this point, her dad has been out of her life almost as long as he was in her life — and as a result of missing her formative years, Suri has pretty much adapted to life without her father. “Suri has stopped missing him,” an insider exclusively told Life & Style last September. “Katie doesn’t want to bring up his name and have Suri start missing him all over again.”

As a result, Katie — who rarely, if ever, mentions her ex in interviews — doesn’t even bother speaking of him at home. The insider added, “Katie is more adamant than ever about not talking about him, publicly or privately. With Tom missing from Suri’s life for so long, Katie believes her daughter only has distant memories of him. At this point, Katie doesn’t want to bring up his name and have Suri start longing to see Tom all over again. It would be too painful for both of them.”

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But she didn’t always feel that way. “At one time, Katie felt that Suri needed Tom’s presence in her life,” and insider told Life & Style. “But not anymore. Katie tells Suri that she, her parents, relatives and friends are all the family she needs. Together, they’re happier than ever.”

Even though Katie has sworn off talking about Tom, he hasn’t done the same when it comes to Suri.

Despite the fact that he barely knows his daughter — or so it seems — Tom hasn’t shied away from answering questions about the 12-year-old. Last year, while on a press junket for his failed movie The Mummy, a reporter asked the actor if he thought Suri was bit by the “acting bug” and would follow her parents’ footsteps. He replied, “You never know, you never know.”

Suri isn’t without a father figure, despite her estrangement with Tom.

Katie Holmes began dating Jamie Foxx around the same time Suri last saw her father — and as their relationship grew stronger, so did Jamie’s relationship with Suri — who sees the Annie actor as a de facto dad. “Katie’s tried so hard to be all things to Suri, [but] there’s a definite hole there left by Tom, and Katie does her best to fill it,” a source previously told Hollywood Life . “She’s grateful to have Jamie in her life now, he’s becoming more and more of a father figure to Suri and she’s very grateful for that.”

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Suri in December 2017.

Still, there’s hope that Suri and Tom may one day reunite.

The death of Tom’s mother, Mary, was a wake-up call to the father-of-three — who was inspired by her sudden passing out to reach out to his daughter. At the time, a source told In Touch, “Tom now wants to re-establish his relationship with his daughter and begin seeing her on a regular basis,” the source said, adding that he is “ready to ramp up his relationship with her in a big way.” However, it would appear the two haven’t reconnected quite yet.

It might be hard for the two to reconcile, though, because at this point, it seems he barely even knows his little girl. “I know Tom sees pictures of Suri, and comments on them from time to time to friends,” an insider told Life & Style, “but he really doesn’t have a grasp of the mature young lady she’s turning into.”

After all, he has a pretty solid relationship with his adult children.

In addition to Suri, Tom has two children with ex Nicole Kidman — 25-year-old Bella and 23-year-old Connor. The two were raised primarily by their father — and, notably, are followers of Scientology — and appear to have strong relationships with their dad, which means there may still be hope for Suri and Tom.

Scroll through the gallery below to see throwback pics of Tom and Suri before his separation from Katie.