Fearing her acting career is falling flat, Desperate HousewivesEva Longoria boosted her breasts with a secret boob job to better compete with curvy young starlets, insiders reveal. Elegant Eva — and her dynamic duo — recently made an eye-popping appearance at the Academy Awards. Top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joel Shahar examined photos of the va-va-voom vixen and exclusively tells Life & Style, “Her chest was clearly bigger and clearly looked like she’s had work done! It’s not possible for breasts to grow that much in one year.” Shahar — who hasn’t treated the former primetime soap stunner — believes the 49-year-old’s bust has gone from an understated 32C cup to a dynamic 34D!

The View’s Ana Navarro even marveled about her pal’s assets in an on-air outburst, admitting, “I don’t know where she got them t**ties. I don’t know how that happened!” A source spills, “Eva’s just trying to keep up with the perky princesses going out for the same roles. It’s certainly nothing new for Hollywood!” The buxom brunette has been adding to her off-camera résumé with gigs as a director and producer since welcoming son Santiago with hubby José Bastón in 2018.

Eva has never confessed to going under the knife. But last year, she insisted, “I don’t think anybody should be shamed into keeping anything a secret, and nobody should be forced to divulge what they’re doing.” The Golden Globe nominee has claimed she tightened up her post-baby bod with yoga. However, Shahar says it’s pretty common for new mothers in their 40s to get a little help from cosmetic procedures because an aging body loses its ability to bounce back from pregnancy! “Many women get breast enhancements after children,” explains the doc. “At that age, very few of them get larger breasts from the hormones afterwards.”