Drama, drama, drama. YouTube star Faze Banks (real name Ricky Banks) responded after his ex Alissa Violet publicly dragged him on Twitter for cheating. The couple officially announced their split after two years of dating back in July  — which seemed amicable at the time — but the blonde beauty took no mercy airing their dirty laundry on December 2.

“I could spend the next few minutes listing all the horrible things Alissa has done to me and why we didn’t work and why I did what I did. Obviously, there’s [sic] two sides to every story and neither of us have [sic] been perfect,” the 27-year-old began a lengthy written message on Twitter. He captioned the screenshot of his long note “Alissa.”

Alissa Banks Publicly Roasts Faze Banks Over Cheating Accusations
Courtesy of Faze Banks Instagram

“Rather than contribute to all of that, I’m going to do the right thing and take responsibility for where I’ve gone wrong in this,” his statement continued. “Alissa and I had been having issues and I did something really stupid and hurtful. There’s additional context and it’s not as simple as who’s right and who’s wrong. It doesn’t even matter at this point, what matters is that we’re both humans and we’ve both definitely hurt each other.”

The social media shading began when Alissa, 23, responded to a thread on Twitter that asked how responders “found out” they were being cheated on. “I was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me so I checked our guest house and caught him naked in bed with a random girl,” the influencer — who previously dated  — wrote before correcting that she meant the “guest wing of the house.”

After the initial tweet, her ex wrote, “I love you,” which seemed to be directed at Alissa. As a response, she then named a few more ~shady~ encounters Banks supposedly had with other women while they were still together. She also accused him of not taking responsibility for their dogs, breaking “eight” of her phones and smashing a car window. Overall, it was a Twitter tornado.

While Banks didn’t address her other claims, he seemingly narrowed in on the “random girl,” whom Alissa discovered in their house. “We’ve been broken up for [six] months now and this incident happened almost a full year ago. It’s haunted both of us for a long time. We all f–k up, that’s human,” he wrote. The YouTuber noted that his relationship with the model was “one in a billion special.”

Faze Banks and Alissa Violet Break Up
Courtesy of Faze Banks Instagram

According to Banks, the two parted ways because of irreconcilable differences. “We had issues and couldn’t fix them. We were miserable together for a while and couldn’t ever let each other go,” his message explained. He noted that their love was the “real thing” and he didn’t want to make their “very intimate, private relationship become a spectacle online.”

His post concluded with a message directed at Alissa. “It hurts me a lot that you’re hurt, but I promise hurting me won’t make you feel better,” Banks said. “I wish every day that it could’ve been different … I truly wish the best for you. I won’t ever say a bad word about her, so sorry for everyone who wanted another sip of tea.”

Yikes. Time will tell what happens next.