They just don’t make reality stars like they used to! We were reminded of the epicness of early-2ks VH1 on Aug. 30 when none other than Tiffany “New York” Pollard and Flavor Flav reunited for two iconic selfies! 

The former Flavor of Love flames were both in Wyoming for an event that was being filmed for Braxton Family Values, and though US Weekly reports that the pair weren’t aware that they’d be running into each other, it’s clear it was all love when they did. 

“Hey Yall!! Look who I ran into on the set of the Braxton Family Values, my girl NY!!!” Flav captioned a pic posing beside his two-season love interest. “She’s still the same NY and hasn’t changed a bit yo!” Tiffany was just as excited to see her old beau (even after being his runner-up TWICE). “Reunited with the #legend @flavorflavofficial ???? and I couldn’t be any HAPPIER ? It was so nice seeing you ?.” 

Fans were beyond thrilled by the blast from the past. “Oh, whassup, childhood????????????????????,” said one excited fan. “Omg I miss you guys together so much!!! ?” agreed another, while a third suggested, “I want y’all to have a show trying to rekindle your love lol.” 10/10 would watch, TBH. 

While a picture’s worth 1000 words, we’ll get to see way more than that when they come face-to-face for the first time in six years on an upcoming episode of Braxton Family Values. That’s about the closest thing fans can expect to a reboot of Flavor of Love or I Love New York, so we’ll take it!