I wear perfume every single day. And more often than not, I find myself constantly needing to reapply it, so when I heard that a fragrance finishing spray had been created, my interest was piqued. FragranceLock is the self-proclaimed first spray to make your perfume last for 12 hours.

The product sells for $30 for 2.75 oz of product. You apply it after you apply your perfume and it claims to “[create] a breathable mesh on skin that acts like netting over fragrance, trapping it against the skin and slowing down the natural evaporation rate making fragrance last longer.” That’s a pretty big claim, so I put the product to the test, and here’s what I thought.

First impression

So the very first thing I noticed when I sprayed the product was that it had a scent of its own, which put me off a little bit. I wasn’t totally convinced that a product that was supposed to preserve your fragrance should have its own smell. Other than that, the bottle came with a nice amount of spray, so it seems like one bottle would last for awhile.


First Try

I used my classic choice of fragrance, Victoria’s Secret Pink Warm & Cozy (which is technically a body mist for high school girls and not a perfume, but don’t judge). After applying the perfume all over myself and letting it dry, I then sprayed the setting spray and let that dry.

When I checked in with my co-workers about three hours after I applied, the setting spray didn’t seem to work. The smell had all but faded and I wasn’t that impressed. But then I realized I apply my perfume like a 14-year-old girl (i.e., I literally spray it all over myself and not in distinct locations like my wrist and neck) so I figured it was worth trying again on a more specific location.

Second Try

This time around, I sprayed both of my wrists and used the FragranceLock on just one. This worked a lot better. After a few hours, I checked back in with my co-workers and four out of five of them said the smell on the wrist with the FragranceLock was stronger. One thing they did note, however, was that the “purity” of my perfume was lost a little bit. As in, the smell of the setting spray itself sort of masked my perfume.


All in all, I think this is a pretty good product. I personally wouldn’t use it again, but I also don’t wear perfume in the way that this product is intended to be used. However, if I were to go out to a nice event wearing perfume that doesn’t come in a pink, plastic bottle, I would probably take it with me!