Garth Brooks may be praised as a musician, but the country artist’s best job is being a dad. The Oklahoma native welcomed three daughters, Taylor, August and Allie, during his marriage to ex-wife Sandy Mahl. His wife, Trisha Yearwood, loves being a stepmom to the girls.​​​

Garth and Sandy met in college and got married in 1986. After 13 years of marriage, the longtime couple decided to part ways and finalized their divorce in 2001. The same year, Garth released his album Scarecrow. That was the last time fans received an album until 2014 (Man Against Machine), while he focused on raising his daughters.

“[I] got divorced [and] left the music business … [I] was living with three strange women that I did not know,” Garth told Closer Weekly and other ​reporters during an event in November 2019. “Females ruled my new world now.”

The “Friends in Low Places” singer didn’t raise his little ones completely alone, though. In 2005, Garth remarried to wife Trish after years of being friends in the music industry.

“I’d never wished divorce on anybody, but three children and three parents worked really well — especially since the three girls were all tomboys,” Garth explained of Trisha raising his kids beside him to Closer Weekly in November 2019. “So they were all at soccer, track and field, whatever, softball. So never ever did one of those kids take the field where at least one parent wasn’t in the stands.”

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks

Garth and Sandy officially became a family of three when Taylor was born on July 8, 1992.

Garth Brooks' Kids Are Trisha Yearwood's Stepdaughters: Meet Them

The eldest of the bunch appeared on Garth’s 2019 documentary, Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On. At the time, she was a master’s student at Vanderbilt University focusing on theological studies. She earned her degree in theology in May 2020.

August Brooks

Not too long after Taylor’s birth, Garth and Sandy welcomed daughter August on May 3, 1994.

August became a parent herself at 19 years old when she welcomed daughter Karalynn in 2013 with husband Chance Michael Russell. ​Their second daughter, Gwendolyn joined the family in December 2016.

Garth Brooks' Kids Are Trisha Yearwood's Stepdaughters: Meet Them

Grandpa Garth praised his daughter for being a rockstar mom during an interview with KICKS 105.5 in 2016.

“No offense to my mom, or Ms. Yearwood’s mom, or Sandy’s mom, I’m not sure any of them could hold a candle to my daughter. I think she was made to be a mom,” he gushed. “It always turns out that that baby is the glue that holds the whole family together. She’s the little stem that kind of holds the whole family together, and it’s kind of new for us … she’s a doll.”

Allie Colleen Brooks

The baby of the family arrived on July 28, 1996, and caught the music bug like her dad.

Allie earned her degree in songwriting and music business from Belmont University in 2018 before jumpstarting her music career. The same year, she married husband Jonathan Roberts.

Garth Brooks' Kids Are Trisha Yearwood's Stepdaughters: Meet Them

In April 2021, Allie released her first studio album, Stones.

“I love to sing, and … I don’t really have to think all of the things that I think about all of the time when I sing, so, I don’t think I’ve thought of it as like, a career, you know?” she told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “I just knew I was going to sing for the rest of my life, and then I think as I got older, it was just like, ‘No, that’s the only thing I’m also going to do is sing for the rest of my life.’”