Gisele Bündchen lives her life fueled by health and wellness, so it’s no surprise that the supermodel has a “do not consume” list of foods. That being said, there’s one particular ingredient that the former Victoria’s Secret angel steers away from.

“To me, white sugar means poison. There’s so many other ways you can sweeten your things that are delicious,” Gisele, 43, told The Wall Street Journal in a feature story published on Monday, March 18. “Honey, maple syrup, dates.”

After revealing her nutrition dont’s, the Rio Grande do Sul native shared her morning routine from the moment she wakes up after she goes to bed “at about 10 p.m.”

“I wake up around 5 and make sure that I have my meditation. I like to have lukewarm water with a little lemon and Celtic salt,” Gisele continued to the outlet. “Then I do my stretches, which I call my asana, for about 15 minutes, then 15 minutes of meditation. Then I walk my dog, feed my dog and then my day starts.”

The Devil Wears Prada actress lives by a natural and nutritious diet plan. Last year, Gisele even gushed that “food that comes from the earth is always the best” and explained that she cooks her breakfast based on her workouts.

“If I did more weight training, then I’ll definitely have scrambled eggs or hardboiled eggs because I want to have that protein,” Gisele told Women’s Health in September 2023.

That month, Gisele announced her partnership as a wellness ambassador for organic supplement company Gaia Herbs. The former NFL wife, who split from ex-husband Tom Brady in October 2022 after 13 years of marriage, shared the exciting news with a flower field photoshoot located at the brand’s headquarters.

Gisele also takes her fitness seriously, as it positively contributes to her overall health. The passion seemingly brought her close to her new love as the A-lister started dating her former Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente.

Gisele and Joaquim were often spotted together shortly after her separation from Tom, 46. In November 2022, a source exclusively told Life & Style that Gisele and Joaquim were “long-time” friends and nothing more. However, a second insider exclusively told Life & Style that they “refuse to hide” their love in March 2024.

“Aside from their super-steamy physical attraction, Gisele and Joaquim connect on many different levels,” the source explained. “Their Brazilian culture is probably No. 1, but their love of fitness and health and their shared sense of humor give them even more in common.”