He is officially a Glam Master! Makeup artist Argenis Pinal was crowned the Season 1 winner of Kim Kardashian's beauty competition reality series, and as if winning the competition wasn't cool enough, he got once in a lifetime chance to work with Kim herself on a makeup product collaboration for her line, KKW Beauty. In an exclusive interview with Life & Style to promote the launch of the limited edition KKW x ARGENIS Créme Color Sticks collab, the Glam Masters star opened up about what it was like to work with Kim herself — and he could not stop gushing about the queen of contour.

"Were both very involved," Argenis told Life & Style about their creative process. "We [spoke] through conference calls, and it started off with a storyboard, and then we talked about colors, lipsticks, pigment, loose pigment, and metallics. Then we narrowed it down to eyeshadow sticks."

Argenis' color sticks are as versatile as it gets. The formula is creamy, blendable, long lasting and even though it's technically an eyeshadow stick, it can be used both on the eyes and the lips. Kim even sat down in Argenis' chair and he got to film a makeup tutorial to showcase the versatility of his product using her as a model.

"We really had the freedom of whatever we wanted to do, like it was very open to — and this is something I really like about Kim — she’s very open to doing anything. She’s one of those persons that whatever you wanna do on her, she is more than welcome to rock it," Argenis explained. "I think right now she has been trending a certain look, which is very muted, very sparkly, and very natural but at the end of the day, she’s one of those celebrities and inspirational people that can rock out anything and she will look gorgeous. She always gives every artist that freedom of doing whatever [we] want.”

Kim gave Argenis that same exact option of doing whatever he wanted to do in terms of her glam for their tutorial, and Argenis went bold with a monochromatic, vampy look using MUYOR, which is the burgundy shade in his collection. But Argenis revealed his nerves got the best of him while doing the KKW Beauty queen’s makeup!

“I was really nervous,” Argenis admitted. “I was — and I didn’t end up doing what I wanted to do because it was timed. With me being nervous, to be honest, I felt like I was back at competition so I was like, 'Oh My God!'"

But thankfully, Argenis had a ton of experience being timed and under pressure from his time on Glam Masters, and he was able to complete the look flawlessly — even though he forgot one step.

"I wanted to use her beam lights just to show more versatility and to put on some sparkly, but because I was so nervous I forgot to!” he said, laughing. "But she absolutely loved it, her skin is just beautiful and at the same time, she did make me feel really comfortable working with her because she’s so genuinely sweet."

"She makes you feel comfortable, she didn’t pressure me or ask me too many questions — I think she noticed I was nervous, but it was really great working with her," Argenis continued. "She’s just a beautiful and very smart individual — you can tell when you talk to her, she is seriously a boss. She knows so much about makeup, she knows so much about formulation — you talk to her and you would think she was a makeup artist herself. I was really impressed with that, it was impressive to see how smart she is, and driven."

The limited edition KKW X ARGENIS Créme Color Sticks collab is now available, click here to purchase.