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We're Gonna Scoooooore Tonight‘Grease 2’ is Better Than ‘Grease’ (YUP) — and Here’s the Cast Then and Now!

Who the hell needs Danny and Sandy when you have Michael and Stephanie?

Sure, Grease is a classic and la-di-freakin’-da, but let’s face it — Grease 2 is the poo, so take a biiiiiig whiff.

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Scenes that include a guy shaking his hips while talking about bowling…


(GIF Credit: Tumblr)

…And Michelle Pfeiffer sacrificing her life on a ladder to REALLY give her character (Stephanie Zinone) depth???

grease 2

(GIF Credit: Tumblr)


Let’s not forget that Stephanie and her “I give zero f-cks” attitude from the get go is a helluva lot better than Sandy taking 90 minutes to figure out she needs to loosen up a bit. Even Sandy’s cousin Michael knows he needs to reinvent himself to become THE MAN aka the coolest rider in all the land — and that’s family y’all.

On that note, we did some research and found out what the second group of Pink Ladies and T-Birds are up to nowadays.

Scroll through and try NOT to sing the 1982 film’s epic score out loud — we dare you.