With all the face paint and willingness to be half-naked in public, we can only imagine that Halloween is every day for Kim Kardashian and her famous family. There’s certainly a spookiness to what makes them so morbidly fascinating: the complete transformation of their bodies and faces (ahem, Kylie Jenner). They’re definitely the sum of their parts…but what if we took some of their most iconic assets to form one horrifying creature? In the spirit of the season, we decided to stitch things together to form a Frankendashian.

But how do you make a monster? You know, besides giving it lip injections, butt injections, and its own reality TV show (or seven). Well, we definitely have a method to the madness. We wanted to have a Victoria’s Secret-approved base so we started with Kendall Jenner‘s long model legs instead of sticking our creature with Kourtney stumps. For a torso, there was no other option than Kim and her career-making curves, and we plugged in muscular Khloé arms to frame it.

Now, the top. Hot take, firstborn Kourtney has the best hair out of the sisters, so we started there. There’s no way we could deprive our Frankendashian of iconic Kylie lips, that in itself is a huge part of the brand. We can’t deny that Kris Jenner is the real head of the household though, so we decided to use her rapidly thinning nose as a part of the package. Also, Rob Kardashian‘s eyebrows. You know, for pizazz.

So when you electrified this composite Kardashian, the results are certainly… well…

frakendashian monster

It’s fair to say that she’s more B Horror Flick and less E! Reality Series. But one could argue that melded together the Frankendashian… well, she has kind of a banging bod. We guess that’s the benefit of using the family’s new features versus creating a Kardashian from their former parts.

Now that would be scary.

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