It’s that time of year again, people! Halloween is right around the corner, and while that may signal the return of pumpkin spice, it also means that beauty bloggers and Instagrammers everywhere will be cooking up their spookiest looks. And the newest trend taking over Instagram is bug-inspired makeup — and our skin is crawling just thinking about it!

It was Jessie Hinds, @JessieLeeBeauty on Instagram, who crafted those creepy, crawly lips above, and honestly, we can’t look away! The beauty guru told Yahoo Lifestyle that she's totally ready for Halloween season and wanted to start with a bang. “[The month of October] is an opportunity for makeup artists to get really weird and creative,” she said. “I wanted to do simple lip art to kick things off.”

The method behind the art is pretty simple. She used Victoria’s Secret mint clear gloss over her lips, then used NYX Cosmetics Crystal liner in black for the spiders’ bodies, and finally, she used cut up faux lashes as the spindly legs. “The hardest part was doing the spider legs,” she told the outlet. “I initially tried using eyeliner, but I couldn’t get the precise line that I wanted. Then, I saw a pair of old, crusty lashes on my desk and right away got the idea to cut them up and use them as the legs — and they didn’t adhere to the gloss very well. The slightest breath could knock one off.”

Needless to say, the post garnered a ton of attention from fans, raking in over 3,700 likes and 200 comments. “That is absolutely disgusting,” one person quipped, while another added, “It's cool but it makes me cringe because of the thought of having REAL spiders or even those on my mouth.”

Other Instagrammers have also taken part in this bug-inspired trend. From flies to ants, it’s clear there are a ton of options for you to totally creep out your friends! Which one will you be trying?