Speaking her truth. Halsey, who is expecting baby No. 1 with boyfriend Alev Aydin, addressed speculation around her pregnancy in an important message with her fans. “Why is it OK to speculate and pass judgment about fertility and conception?” the “929” singer wrote in a Monday, March 1, Instagram Story.

“My pregnancy was 100 percent planned, and I tried very hard for my bb,” Halsey, 26, added. “But I would be happy even if it were another way.”

Halsey Says Her Pregnancy Was '100 Percent Planned' After Receiving 'Judgement'
Courtesy of Halsey/Instagram

While Halsey and Alev, 37, have kept their relationship on the down-low, they are clearly head over heels in love. The pair has “spoken about marriage,” a source previously told Us Weekly. However, “focusing on the pregnancy” is their main priority.

The “Without Me” artist announced her pregnancy in January. “Surprise!” Halsey captioned a series of maternity photos. The New Jersey native also included a rainbow emoji to represent her rainbow baby after previous miscarriages.

“Thanks for the love. I’ve been bursting at the seams for the past 48 hours. It’s wonderful to celebrate something with you all after years of sharing all the sad stuff,” Halsey later tweeted on January 29. “And just so we’re aware, if it wasn’t for COVID, I woulda done the tour pregnant.”

Over the years, the songwriter has opened up about her fertility struggles. In a 2020 track titled “More,” Halsey detailed her endometriosis diagnosis and history with miscarriages. “They told me once, nothing grows / When a house ain’t a home/ Is it true, honestly/ When it’s all a part of me?/ A couple years of waiting rooms/ Finding God, and losing too/ Wanna scream, but what’s the use?” the opening lyrics read.
At 23 years old, Halsey made the decision to freeze her eggs. “Doing ovarian reserve is important for me, because I’m fortunate enough to have that as an option, and I need to be aggressive about protecting my fertility [and] about protecting myself,” the Grammy Award nominee explained during an April 2018 episode of The Doctors.
“Reproductive illness is so frustrating because it can really make you feel like less of a woman,” Halsey continued. “You don’t feel sexy, you don’t feel proud, and you don’t feel like there’s much hope, so taking these measures to make sure that I get to have a hopefully bright future and achieve the things that I want to achieve by doing the ovarian reserve is really important.”