Could it be true? Is Harry Styles a dad?

The former One Direction star is making waves thanks to his new self-titled album and the scandalous lyrics off one of the record’s songs, “Kiwi“. It’s the seventh track on Harry Styles, but it’s attracting an exorbitant amount of attention from Directioners and newfound Styles fans everywhere thanks to one OMG-worthy line.

“I think she said, ‘I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business’
‘I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business’
‘I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business’
‘I’m having your baby, it’s none of your, it’s none of your…'”

Cue jaws dropping around the world.

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Avid fans of the now-dismantled 1D already know that Louis Tomlinson fathered a child with pal Briana Jungwirth and that Liam Payne also became a dad in recent months. Though a few of the former boy-banders have ventured into fatherhood, this information — that Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend impregnated someone — is news no one saw coming.


Harry Styles holding a baby.

While fans have proclaimed that “the internet is cancelled” due to the shock of it all, some celebrities have weighed in on the baby daddy rumors.

“I’M having the baby and it IS my business,” The Late Late Show host, and personal friend of Harry, James Corden tweeted.

So who is the mystery woman that Harry allegedly impregnated and then penned “Kiwi” about?

He’s currently rumored to be dating food blogger Tess Ward, who was recently spotted on a string of dates with the singer, and even attended his recent concert at The Garage. Though she has been out and about at several red carpets, the cook book writer doesn’t appear to be sporting a baby bump.

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Instead, fans are more likely to speculate that the song is about someone Harry is not currently, or maybe never was, in a relationship with.

Previously, the “Sign of the Times” singer has gone on record as an advocate for safe sex, even going so far as to promise that he’d never entertain sex that wasn’t safe.

“I would never risk not wearing a condom, it’s too much of a risk. If you’re not ready for a child, then don’t risk it,” he has said.