Living her best life! Haylie Duff is still very much enjoying her “happy and fun” nearly decade-long relationship with fiancé Matt Rosenberg, the cookbook author exclusively tells Life & Style. “We’re spiritually married.”

Haylie, 36, and Matt, 40, got engaged in 2014 and share two children, Ryan, 5, and Lulu, 2. “I just refer to him as my husband, at this point. We couldn’t be more married if we tried,” gushes Haylie while promoting her partnership with Mrs. T’s Pierogies to launch the Mrs. T’s All-Star Moms campaign, a salute to moms, celebrating all the ways, big and small, they lift up their families and the people they love every day.

Haylie Duff Today: Hilary Duff's Sister's Husband, Kids, Job
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However, the Little Moon Society founder, who is the sister of actress Hilary Duff, notes they’ve “been talking” about having a wedding since they recently relocated to Austin, Texas, from Los Angeles, California. “Are we going to be like two crazy kids and finally tie the knot? We’ll see,” she teases.

Haylie explains their biggest “hang up” is they are not sure when to walk down the aisle between raising a family and juggling their busy careers. 

That being said, she and Matt are in it for the long haul. When asked what makes their decade-long romance work so well, the Mixed Up actress says their values align. 

“We love each other, but also, I think the fact that we have the same feelings about commitment, the same outlook on what a family structure is like. I think it’s really important to be on the same page for a lot of that stuff,” explains Haylie. “I don’t know, it’s easy. It feels easy, and it feels happy and fun. I guess that’s all you can really kind of hope for, you know?”

When it comes to keeping their relationship strong, Haylie says it’s important to take “things in stride” and to “not always [be] super emotional about everything.”

“I think most of us can relate to that,” notes Haylie. “I think just maybe not always taking everything so personally and knowing that it’s just not always about you. And focusing on the fact that everyone’s happy, everyone’s healthy, and not sweating all the little stuff.”

These days, the family is having a blast in their Austin digs. “We’re just really happy. We love it,” Haylie says about the family’s new home. 

“I’m a Texas girl, originally, and Matt has been kind of in my ear for the last about three years, almost, to move back here,” she explains about the reason behind their cross-country move. “I think with quarantine, we realized that we could kind of be anywhere. And as much as I love Los Angeles and all my friends there — and have had such a beautiful almost two decades — I guess, we just felt like we were ready for a little more space and to slow down a little bit.”

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That’s not to say Haylie’s career is slowing down. She is filming a new movie called The Baby Pact in May, developing recipes for Cooking Channel and Mrs. T’s, like her Cordon Bleu baked pierogies and more. 

It looks like Haylie, Matt and their family are doing amazing these days!