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Trick-or-Treat Yourself: Healthy (And Tasty!) Halloween Treats to Munch On This Spooky Season

Just because you’re not a kid anymore, doesn’t mean that Halloween is any less magical to you. In fact, All Hallows’ Eve is even better when you’re older because, er … alcohol. That said, hangovers truly are the worst. So, what’s the next best thing? Halloween treats, of course!

Problem is, similarly to booze, sugar gets harder and harder to process with each passing year. Sure, you can have a bite or two of a Snickers bar or, like, three skittles, but that’s just lame. Better yet, you should indulge in healthy snacks that actually taste good. (No, those things are not mutually exclusive.)

Scroll through the gallery below to check out what Halloween treats you should be munching on this spooky season!