Need Some Water? Pics of Hot Celebrities Being Dads Will Make You Thirsty AF

You know what we love? Hot celebrities. You know what we love even more than that? Hot celebrity dads with their tiny, adorable babies. Or just their silly toddlers. Or their sassy kids. Basically, if you take any kind of Hollywood eye candy and make him a loving father, you’ve got a recipe for pure gold. And with fans already calling their favorite stars “daddy,” why not get as literal as we can?

Yep, we went through and found some of the hottest dads in Hollywood — and then the sweetest pictures of them with their little ones. And, because we’re generous, we’ve decided to share. It just wouldn’t be fair to keep all of this fineness to ourselves, now, would it? Grab a glass of water, because you’re about to get thirsty AF. Check out all the steamiest dads in their sweetest shots below.