Last year, Moonshiners star Josh Owen lost his finger — but not many details were revealed about the accident that caused the severed appendage. In the new season of the Discovery Channel show that follows the illegal shine maker, fans were reminded of the incident.

“Josh is no stranger to roadblocks,” the narrator says in the first episode. “Last season after his shine reserves went up in flames and he lost his finger in an accident…” So what “accident” caused Josh to lose his finger?

josh owens facebook

In a series of Facebook posts, the reality star chronicled his experience after severing his index finger in May 2016. “Could use ya prayers, looks like I lost my pointer finger… will know in a few days,” he wrote, alongside some graphic photos of his mangled digit. A few days later, he gave another update and informed his followers that he had, in fact, lost the finger. “Thanks for all the get well wishes, will get through this. God is good,” he added.

While he did not give specific, when a fan asked how he lost the finger, Josh, 28, simply responded “Man.” However, a Facebook friend, Chad Bowes, seemingly hinted it happened when a “grinding wheel exploded.” Whatever the case, he seems to be doing just fine, still making shine and riding his Harley with one less finger.

When it comes to his right-hand dog Cutie Pie — things are not looking good for the 13-year-old pup after she was bitten by a snake on the Season 7 premiere. Josh raced off to the vet with his best friend after the attack. “The way she’s breathing is just freaking me the f–k out, man” he says in the episode. “She’s stiff as a board. I’m afraid she’ll have a heart attack as hard as she’s breathing.” Once at the doctor’s, Josh was told his pet was in trouble — but we have a feeling Cutie Pie will be back to making moonshine in no time!