Whitney Port has been open for years about her struggles with fertility. However, the Hills alum and husband Tim Rosenman, who got married in 2015, have started to expand their family with kids, and they’ve discussed having more in the future.

How Many Kids Does Whitney Port Have?

Whitney and Tim share a son named Sonny Sanford Rosenman, who was born in July 2017. The reality TV star announced the birth via Instagram.

“Sorry I’ve been MIA for like a week! I lost my phone. Just kidding!! I made a human!” she wrote alongside a watercolor poster that read, “Welcome Baby Sonny.”

Whitney continued, “Sonny Sanford Rosenman was born on 7/27/17!! Everyone is so happy and healthy and we are home now. I’m going to try my very best to not be one of those moms whose feed is dominated by their baby but I can totally see how difficult it will be not to. I am beyond obsessed and in love and wish I could bottle this feeling for all of you out there. Check out the blog (link in bio) for more and welcome our little one to the world!!”

Whitney Port Has Struggled With Fertility

Unfortunately, after having her first child, Whitney began suffering from fertility issues as she and Tim tried to expand their family further. She opened up about her struggles in March 2022, revealing that she didn’t have any problems getting pregnant with Sonny.

“As soon as I went off of birth control, we were pregnant within three months,” Whitney wrote on Instagram. After Sonny, however, she suffered multiple miscarriages.

Whitney Port kids
Whitney Port/Instagram


“Needless to say, having three miscarriages after that was difficult, frustrating and 100% unexpected,” she continued. “IVF is hard. I don’t think anyone has ever said it is easy, so I am not about to paint a picture that it is. The process of hormones, unknowns, what ifs and everything in between has definitely affected my mental health and marriage in more ways than one.”

On the other hand, Whitney added, “We have already come out stronger on the other side no matter what happens. I can feel the bond and the growth.”

Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman Are Exploring Surrogacy

Whitney and Tim haven’t given up, with the podcast host revealing to Us Weekly in July that they were “seriously thinking about” surrogacy.

“I’m still figuring things out and nothing is, like, 100 percent yet and so it’s one of those things where you’re scared to put it out into the universe until you know what’s happening,” Whitney said. “But for me, like, I suffered from secondary infertility, and it has just been such a process both physically and mentally to get to that second baby.”

Unfortunately, their surrogacy journey hasn’t been easy, either. Whitney shared on her “With Whit” podcast in November 2023 that their surrogate suffered two miscarriages.

“We ended up doing two transfers with the surrogate,” she said. “Both transfers ended up miscarrying. The last miscarriage was just a month ago.”

Tim shared during the episode that their surrogate was more than seven weeks pregnant in both instances. Their doctors have said there is a “97% chance of a successful baby,” so the couple is wondering if “there might be something going on, either with the surrogate or with our embryos,” Tim added.