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2020 is over — finally! — and it’s time for a fresh start. But, remember, New Year’s resolutions won’t work if you don’t keep them. So, make a commitment to keep your New Year’s resolution to improve your skin fitness and look your best in 2021 by focusing on this top five beauty categories.

1) Wrinkle fighters:

“Neuromodulators like Botox Cosmetic are really the first step in combating wrinkles,” teaches aesthetic nurse Jessica Graybill. “A common mistake patients make is waiting too long prior to starting facial injections. If the wrinkles can be softened earlier, then they will never get so deep where they become static (permanent). It’s a preventative measure that, in the long run, will save the patient from having to do more aggressive treatments later!”

2) Luscious lips:

“Start the new year off right by treating yourself to a perfect pout!” says aesthetic nurse Corey Ordoyne.  “Lip augmentation is an easy aesthetic treatment that uses hyaluronic acid products like Juvéderm Ultra to instantly add volume, hydration and sexiness to your lips. The best part? Results from lip injections last all year long!”

3) Glowing skin:

“If 2020 made your skin look dull and lifeless, then now is the time to bounce back,” finds aesthetic nurse Megan Martinez.  “A monthly Clear + Brilliant from Solta treatment is the single best way to replace damaged skin with healthy looking tissue and to give yourself that youthful glow! Minimal discomfort and very little downtime, this laser treatment will let you hit the ground running in 2021.”

4) Body contouring:

“Get rid of the ‘COVID-19’ via diet and exercise. I don’t mean the virus; I mean the extra 19 pounds you gained this past year!” aesthetic nurse practitioner Morgan Wolf emphatically states. “And also, consider getting body contouring via CoolSculpting from Allergan Aesthetics. It’s a noninvasive way to permanently reduce pockets of unwanted fat and it is my go-to recommendation for people who want to target areas that diet and exercise can’t treat.”

5) Smooth legs:

“The best resolution you can make is the one you make for yourself. So, it’s time to ditch the razor and make sure 2021 is a SMOOTH year!” exclaims aesthetic nurse Michelle Thompson. “More and more patients are saying ‘no’ to the hassle of shaving/waxing and sticking to a more permanent solution, Elite laser hair removal from Cynosure! With quick treatments and practically no downtime, you can make razor burn and ingrown hairs a thing of the past and show off your hairless assets in the new year!”