Is there a new business in the works? Travis Kelce has filed trademark requests for his name and several catchphrases amid his ongoing romance with Taylor Swift, Life & Style confirmed. But what are the trademarks for?

What Trademarks Did Travis Kelce File?

On October 30, 2023, Travis filed six trademark requests in his home state of Ohio, according to online records viewed by Life & Style. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end requested to trademark his name, as well as the phrases “Flight 87,” “Alright Nah,” “KillaTrav” and “Kelce’s Krunch.” Fans of Travis will likely recognize “Alright Nah” as his signature catchphrase, “KillaTrav” as his Instagram handle and “Flight 87” as a reference to his Chiefs jersey number.

His name, jersey number and Instagram handle are listed for the sale of merchandise including pins, posters, hats, hoodies, socks, sweatpants, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jerseys, T-shirts, buttons and bobbleheads. They are also listed for charitable fundraising services and charitable services for “underserved youth and their communities.”

Meanwhile, it looks like fans can expect a breakfast cereal named “Kelce’s Krunch.” The trademark filings also included requests for “87 & Running,” which is a foundation that Travis started.

“Growing up in the diverse suburb of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, his community transcended normal economic and cultural boundaries; merging rich and poor, black and white, and different religious affiliations into one big melting pot. Because of this he noticed some of his closest friends didn’t have the same family structure he was blessed with, and weren’t able to enjoy the same experiences,” the foundation’s About Us page reads.

Travis Kelce
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The page continues on to say that Travis “struggled in school” and didn’t see any of his role models return to town once they achieved success, which affected his motivation.

“Because of these experiences, Kelce felt obligated to provide opportunities to disadvantaged youth and to help them aspire beyond their current situations. Now as tight end #87 for the Kansas City Chiefs, Kelce’s passion for changing the plight of youth experiencing adversity is the inspiration behind Eighty-Seven & Running,” the page continues.

It concludes, “Eighty-Seven & Running helps underserved youth strive to become productive citizens by mentoring and motivating them to explore and develop their abilities while learning critical life skills. Founded in 2015, we have remained dedicated to providing resources and enrichment opportunities for youth and their communities through fundraising, athletic programs, mentoring, and outreach initiatives.”

Does Travis Kelce Have Any Other Trademarks?

Back in June, Travis filed a trademark request for “Travis Kelce’s Kitchen,” according to the online records. The phrase is listed for the sale of various packaged foods, including meat, vegetables, pastries and other desserts, ice cream and more.

Fans saw the trademark in action in October when the first Travis Kelce’s Kitchen meals arrived at Walmart. These packaged barbecue meals include Kansas City comfort foods, such as bacon mac and cheese, baked beans and sausage, brisket dishes and sausage/meatball marinara with peppers and onions.