Don't play us like this! YouTuber Alissa Violet says that she's "three weeks pregnant," but we're willing to bet that Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend — who is now dating gamer FaZe Banks — is totally joking.

The 21-year-old beauty was caught grabbing coffee in LA by The Hollywood Fix on Feb. 6, and she seemed less than serious about the interview. When the camera guy said her eyes look different, she said "I got plastic surgery on my eyes to change the color," and then elaborated, "I'm kidding, oh my god!" Then she went on to insist that she's pregnant.

"I'm three weeks pregnant, I don't know who the father is, I have no idea," she said. Alissa's friend seemingly gives away her joke, because he looks at her and laughs. If you weren't convinced that she's joking, maybe her description of her upcoming vlogs with change your mind: "Naked Tuesdays, Porn Saturdays, I'm going to reveal the baby somehow but I don't know how yet. It should be exciting though."

Okay, so clearly she's not expecting. However, that didn't stop fans from making some pretty weird speculations. "I think Alissa might be pregnant," said a fan on Twitter on Feb. 1. "Just watched her snaps, there is something that happens when you are pregnant that changes your face/mouth area. I cant even explain what I mean but she has it! ?" I guess their preg-dar is a little off!

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Alissa has always had a hilarious way of dealing with pregnancy rumors. In 2017 she tweeted, "someone asks me if I'm pregnant… I say 'Nah I'm just eating good' ?" She certainly doesn't look pregnant to us!