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Zoom meetings show no signs of slowing down and people are rightfully concerned about the wrinkles they are seeing on video conferences every day. The good news is that aesthetic practices are opening up again! The nation is getting used to “the new normal,” so I reached out to the top aesthetic professionals to get their thoughts on the safety precautions that cosmetic practices are taking of Botox during COVID-19!

1) “It is absolutely safe to get Botox during the coronavirus pandemic,” says Dr. Sheila Chang Barbarino. “That said, all medical practices are incorporating questionnaires that all patients and staff have to complete before entering clinics. We want to make sure that no one is experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus, have had a recent diagnosis of coronavirus or have had any recent exposure to someone actually infected with coronavirus”.

2) “Botox injections can undoubtedly be performed during the coronavirus pandemic,” states Dr. Jeanette M. Black, “but the injector and clinic staff must implement several precautions to help minimize risks by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, eye protection, face shields and gloves. To wit, patients need to present with some personal protective equipment as well — no patient should enter a clinic without a mask.”

3) “From a logistical perspective, Botox injections are totally safe during the coronavirus pandemic,” notes Dr. Ryan Greene. “See, patients seeking Botox injections never have to remove their mask and that minimizes potential exposure for the injector and the clinic staff. When you think of all the different aesthetic treatments available these days, Botox injections might actually be one of the safest.”

4) “When it comes to returning to work, we are taking all possible measures to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and patients,” says Carrie Strom, President of Allergan Aesthetics, the maker of Botox Cosmetic. “Our company has developed a robust, data-driven algorithm that informs our field-based team when it’s safe to return to their customers’ offices in their local area. We also provide them with extensive training, resources and PPE so they can best support our customers as they reopen their offices.”

5) “Temperature checks are an imperative part of aesthetic clinic visits these days,” finds Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson. “Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees fahrenheit or higher will, of course, be asked to immediately leave the clinic. But if a patient has a normal temperature and passes the safety screenings then they can absolutely be considered candidates for Botox injections as neuromodulators are exceedingly safe … even during coronavirus”

6) “Virtual consultations have become the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic,” states Emily Holmes Perbellini, NP, a telehealth expert. “And a virtual format obviously gives both the patient and the clinical an extra level of protection. Any patient seeking Botox injections at LaserAway can easily get a free professional opinion before physically coming in. And for the record, yes, Botox injections are 100 percent safe as long as there are no underlying health concerns that would preclude treatment.”

7) “We’re hearing pretty consistently from media and influencers all over the country that one of the first items on their beauty to-do list is to make an appointment for Botox Cosmetic injections,” states Megan Driscoll, CEO of evolveMKD, a public relation firm specializing in helping aesthetic companies manage corporate communications. “Many of these folks would be first-time aesthetic patients, so as states continue to open up, it will be interesting to see if all the hours on Zoom calls will be what grows the overall market.”

8) “Physical barriers keep both patients and clinical staff safe. So, of course, this means masks but we also have plexiglass at the front desk,” notes Dr.Gaurav Bharti. “Six months ago, I never would have dreamed that we’d look more like a bank and less like a plastic surgery office but it is what it is and precautions like physical barriers ensure that it is safe to seek cosmetic treatments. But, to answer the question, yep, Botox injections are safe to receive during this time.”

9) “Is it safe to get Botox? Yes!” Dr. Alexander Z. Rivkin emphatically states. “We have re-engineered our practice so that social distancing is paramount. By following CDC guidelines patients and clinical practices alike can minimize potential coronavirus exposure. We now require that patients stay six feet away from others whenever possible, we moved non-essential staff to remote locations and we follow a strict patient schedule so there is no patient overlap in the waiting room.”

10) “We all know that Botox makes patients look good,” says Dr. Joe Niamtu, “but Botox has an emotional role, as well! Making patients look better uplifts their spirits. See, the stress of the quarantine and inability to look their best weighed heavily on many people. With their entire family home for weeks, moms were under a lot of pressure. Dads, too!  Doing something for themselves is now a high priority. And, yes, Botox injections are 100 percent safe during this pandemic.”

So, there you have it … the experts have spoken! There are naturally new precautions and the clinic you visit might look a little different than before and your appointment might take a little longer now but cosmetic treatments are back. Botox Cosmetic injections are completely safe so make an appointment with your favorite injector today.