Fans are waiting with bated breath to find out who will replace Denise Richards after she announced she was leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after two seasons. Socialite and fan-favorite Kathy Hilton “would be a natural fit on the Housewives,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style.

“She has plenty of Hollywood stories and knows everyone in this town,” the source explains. “She was one of Michael Jackson’s best friends, she’s pals with Kris Jenner and, of course, she’s mother to famous daughters Paris and Nicky [Hilton]. Kathy knows the movers and shakers in this town, old Hollywood and new. Put it this way: She’s been around.”

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

This isn’t the first time folks have wanted to see her alongside her sister and original cast member Kyle Richards. “Kathy’s been asked to join the Beverly Hills franchise for years,” the insider adds. “It’s a win-win if she decides to finally join the cast.”

“There’s just one problem — Kyle may regret it in the long run,” the source notes about the potential sibling rivalry. “Kyle likes to be in charge, but Kathy is the one who rules. Everyone goes to Kathy for advice. She’s definitely the voice of reason in her family.”

Between her two sisters — who have been appearing on the beloved reality series since season 1 — and the other cast members, having Kathy in the crew might start some serious drama. “Kyle and Kim [Richards], who still pops up on the show, respect Kathy, but all three of them on the same show could spell disaster for their sisterly relations,” the insider says. “On the other hand, it would make for great reality television and that’s exactly what Bravo and Andy Cohen want.”

Ultimately, the hotel heiress would be a welcomed face on the bustling Bravo franchise — and fans are interested to see how she might fit in with the opinionated group. “Kathy won’t take any crap from any of the other ladies on the show and she certainly won’t hold back when it comes to Kyle and Kim’s antics,” the source raves. “This could be just what the show needs.”