Everyone loves a glam highlight or a luxurious lip color, but no one likes to hear that an animal was tortured to create it. Outrage over animal testing has grown steadily over the last few years, leading more and more cosmetic companies to end harmful practices. But what about our fave makeup maven Kylie Jenner? Is her Kylie Cosmetics brand cruelty-free?

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“Yes baby,” Kylie responded when a fan asked in January 2016. We’re so happy to hear that we can buy Kylizzle’s amazing shades without any guilt! Her makeup is not only NOT tested on animals, but it also doesn’t contain any animal products like honey or beeswax. Her website elaborates: “Kylie Cosmetics℠ by Kylie Jenner products are not tested on animals, and all shades of The Kylie Lip Kit℠ are vegan.”

As of 2016, just one of her products wasn’t entirely vegan. Kylie’s Candy K lip kit contained a product called carmine, which is made from crushed female cochineal insects. The bugs create a red/purple color used in many dyes, and believe it or not, a lot of foods. It actually used to be in Starbucks’ strawberry frappuccino until a Change.org petition convinced the coffee company to take it out. As for Kylie’s lip color, the site used to say that all shades “with the exception of Candy K” were vegan, but now it simply says that all of them are vegan, so it looks like they may have changed their formula.

At this point, it seems like most cosmetics companies have halted any cruel testing methods, which include burning rabbits and other critters’ eyes and skin. However, others have come under fire for refusing to give up their old ways. The most prominent example in 2017 was cult-fave Nars, which had been cruelty-free from the beginning, but they took up certain practices when they moved into the Chinese market. Animal testing is required in China, so apparently, Nars decided it was more important to make money than to stick to their morals. At least we can count on Kylie!