We missed that stunner! Singer Lady Gaga seemingly skipped out on the 2020 Grammy Awards red carpet — and needless to say, we’re super bummed out the 33-year-old didn’t grace us with a timeless and classic awards show look. It seems as though Miss Stefani Germanotta wants to be remembered as an Audrey Hepburn-type starlet … and we’re were ready to immortalize her with a seriously gorgeous Grammy look. Oh well. We hope we’ll see her at some point in the show.

Lady Gaga Best Looks From Past Golden Globes
David Fisher/Shutterstock

The pop star has spent the entirety of her career evolving her look and style sensibilities, both on and off the red carpet. In fact, creative director and longtime friend Kerin Rose Gold spoke with Life & Style exclusively about Gaga’s fashion evolution back in October 2019.

“I think as she’s grown and matured and really come into her own and you can see — I mean, she talks about how much more confident she’s become as a person — and I think you see that in the way that she’s styling herself as well,” the fashion guru explained to LS.

Even though her core sensibilities have changed when it comes to fashion, one thing definitely hasn’t. “I love that she’s always down to take a risk and doesn’t care about current trends but at the same time, has done a really incredible job at going really elegant and really timeless,” Kerin said.

“She’s done an amazing job at sort of both taking risks and taking a lot of underground fashion and underground creative art and presenting it on a world stage,” the artist gushed. “And she also does an incredible job at being this timeless, glamorous, beautiful woman. I think a lot of women have those dualities in us but we feel like we have to show one or the other and I feel she does both.”

Obviously, we fully agree.