Luke Bryan sat at the American Idol judges’ table with an interesting accessory — an IV pole — during the March 3, 2024, episode, leading fans to wonder if the country music superstar was sick.

Is ‘American Idol’ Judge Luke Bryan Sick?

As it turns out, Luke is feeling just fine. ​He ​simply took an IV as he watched Nashville auditions to look after his health and to appease his fellow judge Katy Perry.

“This season I was going to get vitamins into you, even if I had to stab you in the veins with them,” Katy quipped to Luke during the singing competition show. “After seven frickin’ seasons, you ain’t taken one of them!”

In an attempt to help Luke get his vitamin “Cs and Ds and Es,” Katy brought an IV in for him so he could receive vitamins intravenously as he judged hopefuls’ singing skills.

Katy added that Luke “won’t orally take vitamins,” leaving her with no choice but to “stick [him] with them.”

During the scene, in which a nurse placed Luke’s IV, the ABC series played flashbacks of him being stubborn about taking vitamins during filming, driving the point home that it was an ongoing bit between the superstar judges.

The “Play It Again” singer took the ​vitamin infusion joke in good fun. He only ​noted that he could taste the infusion, despite taking it intravenously, and that the removal of the needle at the end was painful.

Does Luke Bryan Have Health Issues?

Luke does not have a history of serious health problems. However, he had to cancel several shows on his “Country On” ​tour during the summer of 2023 due to a “head cold.” He first shared the news of his summer sickness on August 5, 2023, letting fans know that he had to cancel his upcoming show in Boise, Idaho and postpone his Salt Lake City stop.

Later that month, after performing several shows while sick, Luke posted an Instagram Story in which he “regretfully” canceled ​another upcoming show in Brandon, Missouri.

“Under doctor advisement after taking 6 days off to heal I attempted to sing at both shows Thursday and Saturday and it was a struggle,” Luke’s August 14, 2023, Instagram Story read. “Every show I sing I’m setting my voice back. I will continue to do everything I can to get better. Please know how much you mean to me and how heartbreaking this is to do.”

The season 22 American Idol auditions in Nashville, during which Luke received his IV, took place in November 2023, just several months after his canceled shows, so it appears Katy was just looking out for her costar following his period of sickness.