Surprise! Iskra Lawrence admitted her pregnancy came as a shock in a new exclusive interview with Violet Benson, a.k.a “Daddy Issues” on her podcast “Too Tired to be Crazy.” The 29-year-old detailed how she got knocked up by her boyfriend of 14-months despite being on the pill.

“I even freaked out when I found out I was pregnant because I was still taking it!” The blonde beauty said, although she expressed she wasn’t very regimented with her prescription. “So like the first two months of my pregnancy, I was still taking the birth control — bearing in mind it wasn’t like 9 a.m. every day and I traveled. So me and Philip [Payne] reckoned that when I would do long call flights from say from L.A. to London, you kind of skip a day so maybe it was that, but still I just assumed my body because I was on it for 11 years I would have to, and people say that right? That you have to decide to stop taking birth control, give it like six months and then you will be able to fall pregnant.”

skra Lawrence Admits Her Pregnancy Wasn't Planned
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

“So that’s what I thought happened,” Iskra continued. “You know, when we are ready, I’ll stop taking it, then maybe six months later — but it was like no. Boom surprise.”

Upon seeing her positive pregnancy test, “I burst out into tears and they were not happy tears,” Iskra shared, adding her man was taken back as well. “He was swearing, he was like ‘F—k!’ but not in an offensive way. I was glad he knew the magnitude of what was happening, and he didn’t just play it off. And we just held each other and just talked for a long long time.”

Iskra Lawrence Admits Her Pregnancy Wasn't Planned
Courtesy of Violet Benson

To help come to terms with the news, the two wrote each other handwritten letters and expressed their fears. “The major question you need to be asking is: ‘Am I ready to be a parent?’ The pregnancy is only 9 months but you’re going to be a parent for the rest of your life,” Iskra said. Ultimately, they decided they were. “It felt like we could support each other really well.” Congrats, you two!

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