Before Jada Pinkett Smith was known for her infamous relationship with Will Smith, the now-successful actress described herself as a “blessed child of two addicts” while growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. The Girls Trip star opened up about her family dynamic in her memoir, Worthy, and how living in a home with an “abundance” of drugs ultimately started her decades-long career.

Who Are Jada Pinkett Smith’s Parents?

Jada was born to parents Robsol Pinkett Jr. and Adrienne Banfield-Norris in September 1971, after her mother became pregnant at 17. 

Jada’s grandmother gave her father three options — marry her mother, give Jada up for adoption or abort the baby. While Robsol opted to marry Adrienne, he became physically abusive shortly into their relationship and Adrienne filed for divorce. 

“When I go in search of the origins of my broken heart, it is a sense of not being a priority to the two people who gave me life that creates a fracture in my feelings of worth,” Jada wrote in her memoir, noting that due to her parent’s addiction, “Neither were ever fully available to me.” 

Despite her mother going on to become a nurse, she described her as a “high-functioning heroin addict.” She also revealed her father later confessed to her, “Listen, I’m a drug addict and a criminal. So, I can’t be your father.”

After growing up in a city full of drugs, Jada eventually turned to selling, with her sights set on being a drug “queenpin,” and acting being her secondary goal. 

Where Does Jada Pinkett Smith Stand With Her Mom Today?

Despite their early obstacles, Jada and Adrienne have developed a close bond. The mom of two shared a lengthy tribute toward Adrienne in May 2021, thanking the “Great Divine for her mother.” 

“As human beings we are not perfect BUT that Divine Essence called Mother Love that each Mother carries in her heart … is the most perfect Love in human form,” she captioned a video clip of her, her mom and daughter Willow Smith. “You blessed me with the PERFECT Mother. She has provided for me … EVERYTHING You intended.”

The pair also cohosted the popular talk show, Red Table Talk, which premiered on Facebook Watch in 2018 and came to an end in April 2023. Adrienne has spoken openly about her previous addiction while on the show. In December 2022, she celebrated 32 years of clean living. 

Where Does Jada Pinkett Smith Stand With Her Dad Today?

Sadly, Jada’s father died in 2010 due to an overdose. During a 2018 episode of Red Table Talk, Jada and Adrienne talked about living with addiction and the domestic abuse Adrienne faced during their “about a year” marriage. 

“I knew that my mother and my father had a very violent relationship early on,” Jada explained. “She has a couple scars on her body.”