We’re all familiar with the expression “opposites attract” — but Jamie Foxx‘s longtime friends are still scratching their heads over his relationship with Dawson’s Creek alum Katie Holmes. “Katie’s not Jamie’s usual type, and some of his pals think they’re a bizarre match,” a source tells Life & Style.

For example, outgoing Jamie loves the nightlife, while Katie is “more of a homebody, and nightclubbing isn’t her thing.” The insider adds, “She’d much rather be sitting at home, reading a book and spending time with [her daughter] Suri.”

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It’s not that Jamie’s friends dislike Katie, the source says. It’s just that they think she’s too straitlaced for him. And that’s reflected in her look and style: “They joke that Katie needs a makeover!”

The Oscar winner recently confided in his friends about his plans to marry Katie and start a family with her. “This is a dream come true for Katie. For years, she has wanted Jamie to be her husband and has wanted to give her daughter, Suri, a brother or sister — and now Jamie’s ready to give that all to her,” a second source previously shared of the couple, who’ve attempted to hide their relationship for four years. “Now she feels like all their time spent hiding was well worth it.”

Some fans are convinced that Katie is already carrying Jamie’s child. While attending his launch party for Privé Revaux in NYC, the 39-year-old actress arrived separately — and a few guests thought they spotted a baby bump! We guess time will tell.