The hit TV show Friends may only have six main characters, but beloved guest-star Maggie Wheeler — who played loud-mouthed Janice on all 10 seasons of the series — has proved to be just as iconic as Central Perk!

But if you encounter the 55-year-old actress on the street, you’ll be bummed to know that she sounds nothing like the woman who made “Oh my GOD!” into a popular catchphrase.

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Appearing on This Morning, Maggie shared that Janice’s voice (and that outrageous laugh) came about accidentally.

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“I knew Matthew Perry [Chandler Bing] was going to make me laugh on set, so I had to be prepared. I came up with the laugh as a sort of safety measure,” she revealed.

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The brunette beauty also never expected to appear in more than one episode. “It was supposed to be a one shot thing, but I think I was in 22 or 23 episodes over 10 years. It was a joyous experience,” she said.

And yes, Maggie will mimic Janice if you ask! Watch her segment in the video below: