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The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s Kids Are So Grown Up: See Photos of William and Zoey Now!

Can you believe it’s been almost 10 years since The Little Couple‘s Jen Arnold and Bill Klein adopted their kids, William and Zoey?

After struggling to conceive a biological child, the reality TV couple knew in their hearts that adoption was the best course of action. “When Jennifer and I first got together, my selfish attitude was I wanted a kid that was genetically mine,” Bill admitted during an October 2018 episode of The Little Couple.  

“And then we talked about how many kids were out there that didn’t have a home, that needed love and support from a family and were relegated to a life of institutionalization,” he added. “I think that I couldn’t have done any better a job through surrogacy, through the old-fashioned way or anything else.”

After adopting William from an orphanage in China in 2013, Jen and Bill were contacted by an orphanage in India about Zoey. “When I saw Will’s picture, I fell in love immediately,” Bill gushed, noting he felt the same exact way about his daughter. “When I saw Zoey’s picture, I fell in love immediately.” 

Since then, Bill, who is a businessman, and Jen, who is the program director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Simulator Program, have prioritized a work-life balance. “Now it’s just a matter of, OK, kids come first, our family comes first, careers come second and then, you know, everything thereafter,” Jen previously told E! News in a joint interview with Bill.

Ultimately, the TLC personalities acknowledge that they aren’t perfect parents, but they’re always learning as they go! “We are certainly fallible, we make plenty of mistakes,” Bill explained.

“We try to do our best with our kids. We try to provide guidance and discipline and all of those things,” he added. “Sometimes, I think people see a snippet of television and they infer a great deal more insight into how we manage our family.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s kids today.