Parenting police strike again. In Jessica Simpson‘s case,  mom-shamers think it’s time that her 3-year-old daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson, stop using a pacifier.

Birdie was seen sucking on a binkie in several Instagram photographs that Jessica shared while on a Sunday, July 10, boating trip with her family while celebrating her 42nd birthday. In one snapshot, Birdie sat on her dad Eric Johnson‘s lap as he cuddled his little cutie with the pacifier in her mouth. She still used the paci in a later family group shot aboard the vessel.

Fans were quick to question Jessica and Eric for letting Birdie still use a pacifier at her age. “Why the binkie tho, isn’t she too old for that????” one person asked in the comments section, while another noted, “Birdie’s a little old for a binkie don’t you think?” A fan agreed, adding, “I know right? 1st thing I noticed. That’s why her top teeth are arched.”  But another person came to Jessica’s defense, writing, “She is only a toddler. Maybe it was the only thing to calm her in the boat ride! Looks like it was nap time!”

Jessica Simpson Mom Shamed
Courtesy of Jessica Simpson/Instagram

This isn’t the first time the accessories mogul has had to face down mom-shaming. In July 2019, Jess took heat for letting her then-7-year-old daughter Maxwell have her dyed purple. “So young it’s a shame,” one fan wrote next to the Instagram photos while another added, “Isn’t she too young to have her hair dyed?”

Singer Pink came to Jessica’s defense by dying her own daughter Willow’s hair blue in solidarity. “I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven-year-old get her hair colored. So, we thought we’d share what we did yesterday,” Pink captioned an Instagram photo of Willow’s dye process. She also added the hashtags, “get your own kids” and “parent police are actually just lonely sad people.”

Other than the binkie controversy, Jessica’s birthday boating trip with her family in Austin, Texas, looked like it was a blast. In addition to Eric, Birdie, Maxwell, 10, and son Ace, 9, the singer’s mom Tina Simpson joined in the fun for her eldest daughter’s lake day. The family played on jet skis, were pulled on inflatable rafts by the motorboat and spent time cuddling up together on a beautiful sunny day on the water.