We wish that John Legend could serenade us all the time. And for the singer’s kids — or his wife, Chrissy Teigen — that wish actually comes true. Although for them, they might wish that, occasionally, he’d just chill out. But in a new Super Bowl commercial, he’s doing just the opposite. In a collab with Adam Levine, his fellow judge on The Voice, the “All Of Me” singer is singing a new tune to his mini-me, son Miles. As he changes a dirty diaper, he croons about being on “Stinky Booty Duty” — and it’s too funny. Check out the commercial above. 

John, Chrissy, and Adam all shared the Pampers commercial on their Twitter accounts. “Becoming a parent changes you. And you thought I was extra…” joked the cookbook author while her husband wrote, “Tiny audience… big impact.” Adam joined in, “Every dad knows diaper duty is a right of passage.” But little Miles isn’t the only star of the spot. Luna is also a total scene-stealer in her Cinderella costume. And if you’re wondering if that was the outfit she was supposed to wear for the commercial or if it was more of a Luna original, well, Chrissy’s got the inside deets.

“I am curious if Luna is wearing her Cinderella dress because she wouldn’t wear what the stylist actually picked out for the shoot?” asked a fan, with the model responding, “That is exactly what happened.” The star also weighed in on the jingle itself, seemingly revealing that she is actually the mastermind behind the lyrics of “Stinky Booty Duty.” When another fan was gushing about how catchy John’s jingle was — between that song and the “Headband of the Day” tune, they joked “he’ll be in my head all day” — Chrissy spoke up to set the record straight.

“I WROTE IT,” the mom-of-two revealed in all caps, taking credit for her hard-earned work. And credit where credit is due, Chrissy! We’re sending all the props your way — because we’re going to be singing about stinky booties all day, too.