Courtesy of Jon Zacharias

As the digital age reaches a new stride, opportunities for digital brands grow — but so does their competition. More and more businesses are operating in online-first or online-only capacities, and launching innovative new products has never been easier. Still, internet attention is hard to come by. These smaller brands have to compete against billion-dollar companies for clicks, views, and customers. Thankfully, GR0 is here to help.

“We give brands the opportunity to work with huge celebrities they wouldn’t normally be able to afford because they couldn’t put millions of dollars down upfront,” explains Jon Zacharias, Co-Founder of GR0. “But they can afford a whitelisting campaign. It’s a new type of campaign that we’re offering, and it is very, very powerful.”

GR0’s origin story dates back to 2011 after Zacharias graduated from the California Western School of Law. While completing his academic studies, Zacharias worked at a law firm to make ends meet. He quickly discovered that his favorite part of the job was researching and pursuing cases, not following their path through the legal system.

Once Zacharias earned his JD, he set his sights on this newfound passion — Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. As he studied the power behind Google’s search algorithm, Zacharias realized an overwhelming amount of information was being filtered through this one standalone software. By understanding the science of Google search, companies could grow their audience without expensive advertisements.

“I spent the next seven, eight years analyzing the science behind SEO before starting my company in 2019. Once I had that perfected, I started applying tactics that had never been used in e-commerce. It was really like the second wave of SEO,” Zacharias explains.

Zacharias experienced many ups and downs throughout his journey. However, at his lowest point, Zacharias made a valuable connection.

During his time in rehabilitation for substance misuse, Zacharias came into contact with former Google employee Kevin Miller, and everything changed.

Courtesy of Jon Zacharias

“Our personalities were perfectly matched to quickly become best friends, and our skill sets were perfectly matched to become business partners,” describes Zacharias. “Building a company together was the obvious next step for us, and it’s been incredible working alongside my best friend to create something so significant.”

Despite Zacharias’s predicament, the pair found a common bond through their interest in search engines and their complementary personalities. Together, Miller and Zacharias co-founded GR0. Today, their company employs over 70 employees and has received multiple accolades from the likes of Comparably, Glassdoor, and the American Business Awards. No one is happier about it than Zacharias.

“I’m so humbled by GR0’s success. We believe so strongly in the mission of our company, but we never expected it to happen so fast,” says Zacharias. “I’ve been preparing for this for ten years, learning about SEO and organic growth for my entire professional career. To have it all culminate with GR0 bringing so much success to our clients is amazing.”