She’s glowing! Jordyn Woods is unstoppable these days. As of late, the 21-year-old model has been seen out and about looking like she’s feeling better than ever and her latest Insta photo posted on April 6, proves it.

Jordy took to Instagram to post a very sexy shot of herself rockin’ a cut-out one-piece bathing suit and she is slayin’ per usual. Not only does she look great, but she feels great too. “Morning swim. 💚 Sometimes you have to take a step back to remind yourself how blessed you are to wake up and see another day,” she wrote as a caption. Preach, girl!

It’s no secret to the world that Jordyn has been through plenty since February. After news broke of the cheating scandal between her and Tristan Thompson, she was a hot topic for weeks. However, she handled the situation gracefully, proving that everyone makes mistakes, but they can still bounce back and learn from them.

Most recently, the brunette beauty traveled to London where she was all smiles every time she was photographed out. Social media influencer Sebastian Tribbie exclusively revealed to Life & Style what she owes her newfound attitude to. “She was relieved she’s so popular in London and is glad to be out of Los Angeles,” he told us in March. “She loves the people she’s meeting in London, how they don’t give a f—k who she is or what she did, they just want to laugh and have fun.”

It looks like Jordyn’s past experiences have taught her there is a bright side to everything now that she’s stepped out of the Kar-Jenner shadow. “She loves Kylie but is loving her new freedom,” Sebastian added. “She is on her own journey now and no longer in the shadow [and she] feels bad but can’t take back the past.” We totally get this. Gotta work with what you have and you’re doing great, girl!