It looks like she’s back on Instagram for good. Jordyn Woods documented a day out to the zoo following a brief hiatus from social media after the Tristan Thompson scandal rocked her world. Going to see the animals was something that she did often with Kylie Jenner but she opted to go with her mom and sister instead.

The 21-year-old posted a slew of photos from her fun outing on her Instagram Story. She showed off her new sassy do while meeting some wildlife.

Jordyn Woods at the zoo instagram story

The SECNDNTURE designer looked cozy and casual in patterned pants, a T-shirt with Biggie Smalls on it, a black beanie and sunglasses. She may not be in good graces with the Kar-Jenner family at the moment but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to rock what look to be Yeezy’s. Good shoes are good shoes.

Jordyn Woods at the zoo instagram story from sister jodie woods

Jodie caught her sister taking a selfie with flamingos and it looked like the girls had a great time. During their visit, Jordyn documented a shot of giraffes doing … giraffe things and it reminded fans of her and Kylie.

Jordyn Woods Instagram story at the zoo

Back when rumors were first circulating about the makeup mogul’s pregnancy in September 2017, she completely disappeared on social media. However, she resurfaced briefly to wish Jordyn a happy birthday. Where did they go? To see giraffes, of course.

Ah, memories. Time will tell if these two will be able to mend their friendship, but for now, they’re spending a lot of time with their own families.

In addition to her fun day out, Jordyn also posted a sizzling selfie where fans could better see her new chopped hair. It’s seemingly from a different day since she’s not wearing a beanie or the same clothes. However, we wouldn’t put a wardrobe change past the model.

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As things are settling down for Jordyn, Kylie and the rest of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian crew, we’ll probably be seeing a lot more social media action.