You almost had us fooled, Jordyn Woods! On Sunday, October 20, the popular model, 22, tried to pull a fast one on her fans during a YouTube “Sisters Q&A.” Shortly after Jordyn’s nearly-identical younger sibling, Jodie Woods, asked the activewear designer if she was single, Jordyn paused and said, “Guys … I have an announcement,” while holding her stomach.

Needless to say, we nearly passed out before Jordyn continued with, “I’m expecting … abs. I am single. I am expecting some abs soon … if I keep working for them.” Given how insane 2019 has been for Jordyn — ahem, the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal —  announcing her pregnancy on social media wouldn’t be the craziest thing, you know?

However, Jordyn made it *very* clear that she’s focusing on her core, not conceiving a child. So much so, that in the brunette babe’s previous YouTube video, Jordyn revealed that she’ll be dropping her workout plans come November. Seeing as Jordyn lost a whopping 30 pounds in just five months, it’s clear that her methods are working for her and ultimately, she hopes others can benefit from them.

Beyond just changing her outside, however, Jordyn places a huge emphasis on self-love, as well as using exercise as a means of coping with negative emotions or tragedy. “19 years old, losing a parent, losing a loved one, is not something you think you have to deal with … there’s no right or wrong way to deal with it. But, it was so triggering for me and my trigger was getting myself to the gym,” Jordyn explained of how her dad’s passing prompted her to work out.

Jordyn Woods Working out in the Gym, Says She Expecting Abs
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram

“That completely changed my life and that moment got me to the gym. Gym became my therapy. [The] gym became the thing I looked forward to,” she continued. “And, not only was it helping me emotionally, but it was physically changing my body and making me feel better.”

Clearly, when Jordyn puts her mind to something … it gets done! “Yes, I’m body-positive. And, yes, I’m kicking ass because I want to feel good and look good,” she declared. You go, girl! We look forward to meeting your abs in the coming months.