Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton were spotted on a date just weeks after ending their engagement sparking rumors of a reconciliation.

The former couple was seen kissing and holding hands as they walked in LA Sunday night — and paparazzi caught all the PDA.

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While Josh claimed to know nothing about the photos in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Amanda’s BFF Lauren Bushnell hints he was the one who called the paparazzi.

“A ? of my heart. #mmmm #calledthepapsonourselves #needeveryonetoseewetogether #picoritdidnthappen,” she captioned a photo with Amanda on her Instagram page, and fans were quick to pick up on the subtle shade.

“The caption is cute and maybe funny but don’t put it past Josh. He’s not a good guy. Amanda deserves better,” one follower commented before another added, “Really low if he did that! Not something a “self-proclaimed” good & honest man of faith would do! Sleazy if he did!”

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When asked about the photos, Josh claimed to know nothing about them but revealed there was still a possibility of a reconciliation.

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“It was a good evening. We had a good time,” he said. “Whenever we’re together, especially outside of the show and outside all the drama, it’s always been a good relationship. There were just so many outside forces and outside factors that got involved after we were together on the show, and it was unfortunate for a little bit.”

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He added, “It’s tough going into detail about it. Like I said, I don’t like talking about my relationships unless everything is great and there’s positive things to be said, and there are positive things to be said of course, but there’s a lot of things that we still need to talk about, just for moving on as friends or anything in the future, and we’re beginning to do that.”

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